#Mastodon 2.3.0 is out! 🎉


- Search your toots
- Download your archive
- Intelligent thumbnail crops
- Pinned toots
- Profile media galleries
- New landing page
- No more ugly media URLs in toots
- LDAP, CAS and SAML integrations
- and many more things!


mastodon.beerfactory.org has been updated and now includes full-text search.

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Mastodon Beerfactory

[FR] Cette instance mastodon, ouverte librement à tous, a pour objectif de faciliter les échanges entre amateurs de bières et brasseurs amateurs (mais pas que). Les quelques règles applicables sont décrites ci-dessous.

[EN] This mastodon instance, free and open for all, aims to facilitate exchanges between beer lovers and home brewers (but not only). The few applicables rules are shown below.